Malls and Shopping Centers

Malls and Shopping Centers

Mall & Shopping Center Loyalty Program

IndividualityThe most powerful loyalty and reward program in the market specifically designed for multi-tenant Retailers such as Malls, Life-style Centers and Shopping Plazas.  This platform enables an amazing customer experience that begs the customer to ask “why we couldn’t have this before? “

Increase customer loyalty, visit frequency and spend by rewarding your most loyal patrons.  The PERKKS Loyalty platform will enable you to reward customers not only for purchases, but for event attendance, actions, referrals and much more exponentially improving customer attraction.

Thinking out of the box

We have 4 different programs with infinite campaign creations that will help you design the perfect program and give you, your merchants and most importantly your customers the desired experience.

Customer Experience

  1. Rewards for spending and action
  2. Multiple ways to get rewards
  3. Easy to manage program with ONE loyalty card for the Mall, Retailers and Restaurants.

In Mall Merchants

Each participating retailer, restaurant, kiosk and cart will have the power of the PERKKS Customer Loyalty Program.  With the ability to customize their loyalty programs and run custom reports, each Merchant will have the tools to take their business to the next level.

The Mall

The Mall will have a powerful customer loyalty and rewards program with the ability to automate points awarding based on the money spent in the mall, reducing the need for human capitol to administer the program while creating an unparalleled customer experience.

The Mall will have an amazing tool to promote existing merchants and attract new ones.

In mall/on property advertising, sponsorship and 3rd party events are becoming a significant revenue stream.  The PERKKS platform can be an amazing B2B tool to attract, retain and grow this aspect of the business.

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