PERKKS Programs Offer Loyalty, Incentives, Rewards, “Buy Local” And Much More …

Mall & Shopping Center Loyalty Program

The most powerful loyalty and reward program in the market specifically designed for multi-tenant Retailers such as Malls, Life-style Centers and Shopping Plazas.  This platform enables an amazing customer experience that begs the customer to ask “why we couldn’t have this before? “

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PERKKS Program Features

Industries Best Loyalty Program

The industries best loyalty rewards program all rolled up to into one powerful platform.

PERKKS program has all the best programs in the market all rolled into one platform.  So there is no picking and choosing. You can use them all.  And all of them can be customized specifically on any industry.

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Customer Spending Is 46% Higher

Customer spending is 46% higher with companies that offer reward programs.  PERKKS Loyalty allows you to customize programs to encourage customer spending.
Total Research Corp & Custom Marketing Corp’s Loyalty Monitor Study

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PERKKS Can Help You Grow Your Database By $1,000,000

PERKKS Can Help You Grow Your Database By $1,000,000

Posted by David Oziel on Feb 24, 2013

Data That Makes A Difference The key to a good program is not that it offers loyalty features but that it collects data on your clients. This intel is critical to your long term success as a business not to mention the value it brings to your database, in case you want...

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PERKKS Can Help Your Service Business Add 600 – 1000 New Customers

Posted by David Oziel on Mar 6, 2013

Add 600 To 1,000 New Customers In 90 Days While Increasing The Average Amount They Spend And the Number of Times They Come Back This program is designed to open doors to new business like no other program you have tried before. I know, you have heard this before and...

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